Best Business of 2019

It’s been a busy year for us with the weddings being booked to capacity and the studio being chokka with little newborn babies. Between Shazia and I, in 2018 we’ll have photographed over 40 weddings and photographed over 60 newborns in what has been a great year for us. With so much going on, it’s nice to receive some acknowledgement for the work that we do.


We received an email today to say that we’d been named as one of the top photographers in the Newcastle area. At first we assumed this was just a spam email, but after doing some research, it seems as though these guys actually do their homework.

They base their recommendations on not just quality of the work, but mainly on how well the business is run. There are various different categories that they cover, such as:

  • Quality of website
  • Social presence
  • Whether or not video content is used
  • Response time to clients
  • The amount of info available to prospective clients.

Top Three Rated

So there reason these guys name their top three is because for any client looking for a service, they need to have options. Not every photographer is the same, so having choices is the key to not only the client getting the best outcome, but as a photographer, it means we get the clients who love what we do.

The Best Type of Award

The reason why we like winning awards based on the quality of our business is because it’s not just about taking photographs.

For us, customer service is key to our continued success. After all, if we have great customer service, we’re likely to build a business on recommendations which is the best kind of business.

We won an award in 2015 for Brand of the Year and also won the Wedding Award for outstanding customer service in 2017. Both awards recognise the quality of our business and/or the happiness of our clients.

Customer service awards recognise how happy our clients are and in an industry that is built on reputation… that alright with us.

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