Best of 2018: Couples’ Choices

So here we are at the end of a very busy 2018 and looking back we can’t help but smile. It’s been such an amazing year for us as we’ve been so honoured to photograph some incredible weddings. We’ve always had such amazing couples book with us and this year was no different. We’ve had some amazing experiences that we’re privileged to have been part of.

With that being said, we wanted to do a summary blog of 2018, showcasing some of the favourite images captured, but these images aren’t chosen by us, they’re chosen by our couples.

So here the Choc Chip family proudly present to you 2018’s favourite images, as chosen by our couples AND their reasons “why” they’ve picked them…


Ankita and Rob – 17th February 2018 at Beamish Hall

Ankita says:

“This is our favourite because the colour and vibrancy in this is just so wonderful! You really show off the decor, the outfits and also our smiles so well! Thanks so much again guys.”


Rachael and Chris – 4th March 2018 at Derwent Manor Hotel

Rachael says:

“So hard to pick one but I love this one the most! It was so stressful the lead to the wedding with the awful weather but looking at this picture just reminds me how beautiful and magical everything looked.”


Karen and Mark – 30th March 2018 at Derwent Manor Hotel

Karen says:

“We liked that one the best because it’s very natural and we just look so happy. It captured that look we give each other when we’re  having a conversation but not actually talking out loud if you know what I mean. We also loved the background.”


Lisa and Nathaniel – 31st March 2018 at Headlam Hall

Lisa says:

“We chose this one for a few reasons really… making the most of the rainy weather 🙈 and the sigh of relief after the serious part was done!”


Sarah and Alan – 8th April 2018 at Healey Barn

Sarah says:

“We have so many favourites but this one just shows our personality and makes me feel exactly as I did then. It’s goofy and beautiful at the same time. Couldn’t be more grateful that you captured it really.”


Lindsay and Stephen – 5th May 2018 at The Assembly Rooms

Lindsay says:

“Really difficult to choose one photograph, but this one was taken outside restaurant where we had our first dinner date.”


Laura and Craig – 7th May 2018 at Doxford Barns

Laura says:

“Love so many but this one will always be my fave, stood out a mile for us when we viewed the pictures ❤️.”


Jessica and Daniel – 18th May 2018 at Newton Hall

Jessica says:

“Off guard, natural and having a laugh – I would’ve picked one with my pup but you said just us two – she gets enough of the limelight on your facebook as it is!!.”


Ruth and Babak – 26th May 2018 at Deneholme Country House


Sam and Michelle – 31st May 2018 at Lartington Hall 

Michelle says:

“SO many unbelievable shots you guys will but I think these capture the emotions and happiness the moment of and after we said I do ❤️ We’re forever grateful to you both.”


Laura and Dale – 1st June 2018 at Healey Barn

Laura says:

“This was so difficult to choose as I love them all 💞 Such a natural and relaxed shot of us – reflecting our day. It also shows why we picked the venue 😍.”


Bethany and Jonathan – 2nd June 2018 at South Causey Inn

Bethany says:

“It was really hard just to pick one!! But we both love this one for how happy we are, it was just after our vows and I think we took a moment to say we just got married! Thanks for capturing it Chris.”


Carl and Claire – 16th June 2018 at Tynemouth Priory

Claire says:

“It took some time but we both agree this is our favourite one! In our own world on a full dance floor!”


Mandy and Danny – 23rd June 2018 at High House Farm Brewery


Naomi and Lee – 14th July 2018 at Bannatyne Hotel Darlington

Naomi says:

“How do I pick just one?!? I love this one in the “woods” – you’d never know that there were cars just on either side of us!”


Amy and Ryan – 26th July 2018 at Ellingham Hall

Amy says:

“This is my total favourite from all of ours but it is so hard to choose. I love that our 4 key people are there with us and it was a beautiful end to a fabulous 2 days!”


Paul and Laura – 28th July 2018 at Redworth Hall


Laura and Danielle – 1st August 2018 at Healey Barn

Danielle says:

“One of the reasons we chose our venue was for a shot in these trees, and you guys didn’t disappoint. You captured the beauty of the woods and the happiness of our day. Thank you.”


Kayleigh and Andrew – 3rd August 2018 at South Causey Inn

Kayleigh says:

“We found it so hard to choose but we both absolutely love this one. Love the way we are looking at each other and sums up the way we felt on the day.”


Gemma and Phil – 4th August 2018 at Le Petit Chateau

Gemma says:

“This is our favourite picture of our day 😍 we were so relaxed and just having the best time. We wanted natural looking photographs and that’s exactly what we got 😊 difficult choice but this one definitely stood out for us both 😍


Chris and Claire – 10th August 2018 at Baltic: Centre for Contemporary Art

Chris says:

“So many great moments captured during the day, but this for us, sums it up. Enjoying a pint in each others company. The way I plan to spend the rest of my life 💙.


Stella and Amy – 11th August 2018 at Whalton Manor

Amy says:

“The main aim with our wedding was for everyone to have fun and just enjoy their time with us – the big kids. This photo perfectly sums us up and captures some of the fun we had on the day.”


Laura and Ben – 20th August 2018 at Healey Barn

Laura says:

“You know we absolutely love all the pics but smoke just wins every time for us!”


Joanne and Lee – 23rd August 2018 at Le Petit Chateau

Joanne says:

“Love this off guard picture…. Just loving life 😍. Would have picked one with the kids in to sum up our little family but this is one of my favs of just us two 😊


Joanne and Neil – 25th August 2018 at Blackfriars

Joanne says:

“Shows our little family off perfectly and their little personalities shone through. Our marriage was about cementing our merged family and the love we all feel 💗


Steph and Mark – 8th September 2018 at Alnwick Castle

Steph says:

“I love all the pictures ridiculous amounts and for different reasons. This was the first sneak peak picture we seen and just this picture alone was worth it’s weight in gold. I love that the broomsticks are in the picture and the way it shows off my veil too. Thank you so much again Chris and Shazia,you captured the day perfectly ❤️


Katie and Thomas – 22nd September 2018 at Village Hotel

Katie says:

“We loved so many of them but this stood out a mile away. It shows our love for each other and brings back memories of thinking this wave is going to take us out.”


Adam and Amy – 29th September 2018 at Horton Grange


Laura and Mark – 7th October 2018 at Le Petit Chateau

Laura says:

“Definitely this one! The most happy and relaxed I could be! Cheesy grins all round!!!”


Sara and Adam – 26th October 2018 at Alnwick Treehouse

Sara says:

“The most magical photograph I have ever seen. It shows the love we both have for each other and the happiness we share and that through everything we go through there is always light between us even in the dark.”


Laura and David – 3rd November 2018 at Doxford Barns


Rachel and James – 10th October 2018 at Rockliffe Hall

Rachel says:

“Obviously all our photos are amazing but we love this one as our three beautiful flower girls are waiting in the wings for their turn on the dance floor. Lots of smiling faces!!”


Emma and Phil – 24th November 2018 at South Causey Inn

Phil says:

“We’re stuck in the moment, it’s natural and fun.”


Chris and Lucy – 1st December 2018 at Charlton Hall

Chris says:

“We both absolutely love this one, not everyday a giraffe photobombs your wedding photo!”

Gill and Kristofer – 2nd December 2018 at Lumley Castle

Gill says:

“You captured a moment where it felt like it was just me and kris in the room and that moment was pure happiness.”

David and Andrew – 8th December 2018 at The Discovery Museum

David says:

“We like this photograph, as it shows us apart but also together.. and together we can do anything.”

Dan and Jackie – 27th December 2018 at Healey Barn

Thomas and Danni – 29th December 2018 at South Causey Inn


Simon and Elaine – 31st December 2018 at Websters Ropery