The details

The happy couple:

Amy and Ryan

The date:

21st May 2018

The location:

Saltwell Park, Gateshead


The One with the Big Round Window

Amy and Ryan were to be married at Ellingham Hall on 26th July 2018.

Amy and Ryan were guests at a wedding we photographed in Greece back in 2016, so we knew them and had spent time with them before. It was still important that they felt comfortable and relaxed in front of camera, so we headed out to Saltwell Park for some couple photographs.

It was a warm June day and the weather turned out brilliantly. They both looked fantastic so we headed out into the park to see what we could get…

After initially being flooded with members of the public, we managed to find a spot where we could get started.
Amy and Ryan were both great in front of camera. They relaxed straight into things and looked very comfortable together.
They were both great at following the little direction we needed to give them. Naturals...
We found some great spots in the park and made the most of the cool little features such as the maze and the fancy house.