The details

The happy couple:

Carl and Claire

The date:

13th May 2018

The location:

Hollywell Dene, Shiremoor


The Unbelievable One, Jeff

Carl and Claire were to be married in Tynemouth on June 16th 2018.

We’d known Carl for a long time after he worked with Shazia in a past life and we met Claire quite recently. While they were comfortable with us, they both felt they needed a warm up in front of camera.

We took a stroll down to Hollywell Dene near Shiremoor.

We had a nice wander through the woods got them both relaxed into things…

We always start of nice and simple. We just let them have a wander before getting them both comfortable.
They both fantastic together. You could really feel their chemistry and they had no problem having a laugh in front of camera.
The dene was a great setting for this shoot and it wasn't long before started joking around.
After a long walk into the dene, we found this amazing backdrop. Carl and Claire happily shuffled out onto the log which allowed us to capture these amazing images.