The One with the Leather Jacket

The details

The happy couple:

Andy and Helen

The date:

12th August 2017

The location:

As You Like It, Newcastle Upon Tyne



Andy and Helen booked with us after being recommended to us by another photography. They are such a lovely, genuine couple who said we were exactly what they were looking for.

They were looking for photographers who would take the kinds of photos that we wanted (which were primarily ‘natural’ with a bit quirkiness added for good measure!).

It was important to them that they felt comfortable with their photographer(s), especially Helen as she wasn’t a massive fan of having her photo taken at the best of times. It was really important that whoever was taking the photographs was someone who put them at ease.

It was nice and relaxing on the morning as Helen got ready with the girls before her father saw her for the first time in her dress.
At the church, Andy was waiting patiently as Helen arrived.
After a bubbles shot outside of the church, we headed down to the Quayside for a few quick snaps under the umbrella before going to As You Like It.
Our newlyweds made their grand entrance before guests took their seats for the speeches.
A nice trip down to Jesmond Dene followed and gave Andy and Helen the chance to have a bit of time together and a nice break.
We advised Helen to bring her leather jacket with her, which totally complimented her dress.
Back at As You Like It, guests were well into the swing of things when we returned.
A lovely first dance was followed by an awesome conga line and guests having a great time partying. Just what you want from a wedding day.