The details

The happy couple:

Kyle and Rachel

The date:

15th June 2019

The location:

Barn on the Bay, Northumberland


Chris & Shazia

We hear the term “wedding goals” banded around a lot. All weddings are amazing, but some weddings are simply perfect in every way. This was one of those weddings. Completely unique, different, well thought out, relaxed, fun, laid back. You name it, this wedding had everything.

Kyle and Rachel chose Barn on the Bay, a venue that only holds weddings between June and September, because the rest of the year it’s filled with cattle. It’s a real, working farm.

We love this wedding simply because of the sheer amount of effort and personalisation that went into this wedding. They did EVERYTHING themselves and it really shows. Most importantly, this allowed them to make this wedding completely their own and who they are.

They are big festival/music lovers and to have a wedding without ANY cookie cutter/standard things, while keeping it 100% unique is what makes this truly special. They had the vision to create something outside of the box and it really shows in their images.

Let’s show you their awesome day…


Where the wedding name came from:

The name was chosen because… well, you’ll see.

Shazia started the day with Rachel and the girls at the Vermont Aparthotel on the Quayside.
After everyone was ready, they headed down onto the quayside for a few photographs before they left for the coast.
Waiting for Rachel was her father in the camper van. A lovely surprise was that Rachel thought they had hired the campervan, where Kyle had actually bought it for her as a wedding gift.
Up at the venue, they decided to throw a pre-wedding beach party for the guests, complete with plenty of drinks and a Caribbean Steel Band.
Guests were having a great time relaxing on the beach making the most of the occasion and the music.
Inside the barn, they had really done an incredible job. We particularly loved the guitars which had been left for guests to sign. It was a nice change instead of something like a signing board.
Guests were in great spirits as they started to take their seats as Rachel arrived.
Everyone was ready as Rachel made her way in with her father.
It was such a laid back, relaxed ceremony and you can see that the setting was incredible.
After the ceremony, guests made their way outside for a big group photograph before going all out with an awesome confetti tunnel.
As guests grabbed their drinks, we managed to sneak five minutes with the newlyweds to capture some lovely images on them both in front of the barn.
Inside, the party was well underway. Drinks were flowing and guests were sat chatting on hay bales and catching up.
The whole setting was a photographer's dream, especially the attention to detail. We particularly loved the table plan made out of old records.
Inside, ice cream was now being served. Absolutely yummy!
As guests were announced to take their seats for the wedding breakfast, Kyle was caught putting the finishing touches to his speech.
All the speakers went down a storm, particularly Rachel's dad, who gave a very funny yet moving speech.
As you can see, guests were really enjoying themselves. It was definitely the running theme of the day.
After the meal, we had a walk over to the beach again but this time is was with both the bride and groom together.
We had such a great time joking around with them and it really allowed us to capture some lovely, relaxed images.
As the evening approached, guests were making use of the photobooths and for the first time ever for us... a glitter bar.
The band were set and the first dance was accompanied by Set You Free by N-Trance.
We've never seen a whole wedding party pile onto the dance floor before but guests just couldn't resist joining the party.
They really had created the perfect setting. We had the party on one side of the barn and chilled fun and laughter on the other.
Everyone was having such a great time and it really shows in the images. It really way time to party.