The details

The happy couple:

Mark and Anna

The date:

9th February 2019

The location:

Blackfriars, Newcastle Upon Tyne



Mark and Anna were exactly like us in a way. They wanted their wedding exactly how we wanted our wedding. Something simple. Nice, easy and slightly unconventional. When they pitched their idea for their plans, we couldn’t wait to be part of their big day.

They chose Blackfriars for their big day. They were having a small, intimate wedding too. They were both getting ready at the Hotel Du Vin and they wanted to head out and do their couple photographs before the ceremony.

They were both so laid back and exactly our kind of vibe. We could wait for this one…


Where the wedding name came from:

Mark and Anna pretty much gave us free reign over their photographs. We pitched the idea of a stroll through Ouseburn and in doing so, we ended up taking photographs in a used furniture store on the way to the venue..

Mark and Anna were both getting ready in the same hotel and decided to do their couple portraits before their ceremony, bunking tradition.
We headed out into Ouseburn Valley. A really cool setting where we had a play around with some really cool locations.
We even popped into the Kiln, a local pottery cafe where Mark and Anna even managed to score some free cake.
On our way towards the venue, we saw on old furniture store that we thought would make a great backdrop for something a little different.
At Blackfriars, the guests were patiently waiting for Mark and Anna to arrive and one little guest in particular couldn't help but be part of the show.
The name of the game was relaxation afterwards. There were no group photographs, just time for everyone to enjoy themselves.
The evening entertainment was well suited and guests had a great time just dancing around and having a really fun night together.