The details

The happy couple:

Paul and Laura

The date:

28th July 2018

The location:

Redworth Hall, Darlington


Chris and Shazia

Paul and Laura first met us when we photographed their friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. When it came to looking for someone to capture their day, they got in touch and came in for a chat.

They chose Redworth Hall for their venue with their ceremony taking place in Sunderland at St Peter’s Church. It was the weekend of the Sunderland air show, so we were worried that the traffic would be a nightmare, but luckily the weather was a bit so-so, which meant everything was free and easy.

Luckily for us, the rain kept off and we headed out for the day…

Chris began the day with the lads in Sunderland.
Shazia was with Laura and her family having a very chilled morning.
Even though it forecast rain, the sun came out as Laura arrived at the church.
As you can see, the church was beautiful inside. An amazing setting to be married in.
After a few more photographs, we all made the journey down to Redworth Hall.
While Chris organised the group photographs, Shazia pottered around, snapping natural photographs and getting the room details.
Apparently the golf balls took some time to sort out, but with Paul being a keen golfer, he was adamant he wanted them to feature in the day somewhere.
After the great set of speeches, the rain had arrived so we took Paul and Laura around the hotel and got a little creative to capture some more couple photographs for them.
As evening guests arrived, it was time for the cake cut and the first dance before guests joined them on the dancefloor.