The details

The happy couple:

Jade and Rhyan

Time of year:


The location:

Northside Farm, Newcastle Upon Tyne



We’re big believers in things that are “meant to be” and when Jade contacted us to book us for her wedding, it was meant to be.

Jade tried to book us a long time ago for her original date in 2020, but at the time we were unavailable, so Jade ended up booking someone else. When her wedding was postponed to 2021, their photographer couldn’t do the new date, so Jade contacted us again and this time we were available. That my friend is fate.

They booked Northside Farm, a venue that we visited years ago but hadn’t been back to in a long time. It was the perfect venue for us and knowing how cool Rhyan and Jade were, we knew we’d be a good fit for their day.


Where the wedding name came from:

The name was chosen because Rhyan decided to bring his Harley Davidson with him to the wedding, so that we could include it in some of the couple portraits.

Chris began the day at the cottages located at Northside where Rhyan and his groomsmen were getting ready.
Jade was getting ready with her bridesmaids over in the main building.
There was a few tears on the morning. This was down to a lovely gift that Rhyan had planned for Jade, along with a lovely reading by one of Jade's bridesmaids.
The main ceremony room has been set up beautifully. The ring at the top of the aisle made a perfect additional and gave the room a little "something extra".
As guests made their way into the ceremony room to take their seats, they were accompanied by some lovely music by the fantastic harpist.
It clear that Rhyan was emotional kind of cat, but tears always come across well on camera.
After we'd organsied the guests into a confetti tunnel, it was time for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.
Again, we didn't make it through the speeches without a few tears from the man of the moment, Rhyan.
In a break of traditional, Jade decided she wanted to say a little something to thank all her guests for making the trip.
It was Harley Davidson time after the meal and Jade was rocking her custom leather jacket!!
It was a lovely, overcast day and the summer colours made for some beautiful images.
It was time for the evening guests to arrive and as we were returning for the couple portraits, Jade was able to meet and greet her evening guests.
The guests were in high spirits and they were having a great time with the photobooth.
The party was well and truly underway and the first dance capped off the last of the formalities on what was the most amazing day!!