The details

The happy couple:

Tom and Georgia

Time of year:


The location:

Healey Barn, Riding Mill


Shazia and Chris

Now when we say “howling dog”, we don’t want you to think of that as a negative. Try to imagine THE most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. Image Tom and Georgia saying “Oooooo” only for their dog Luna to sing along “Oooooo” with them.

Tom and Georgia married towards the end of June. They, like many others had their wedding postponed and they turned out to be our first wedding back of unrestricted numbers.

Most of their plans were still intact from the postponements, however that doesn’t mean there were not any last minute hiccups. The band, who were due to perform at their evening reception, called in at 11am as their lead singer had covid, however in the spirit of the wedding world, a replacement band was promptly arranged last minute and end up being a perfect fit.


Where the wedding name came from:

The name was chosen because of their beautiful dog, Luna, who stole the show with her “Oooooo”.

We began the day at Slaley Hall, where Tom was getting ready with the groomsmen.
In a really nice touch, Tom had made some knives as gifts for his groomsmen. Tom handmade the knives himself which was an extra special touch.
Over at the other side of Slaley Hall, Shazia was with Georgia and the girls.
It was a lovely, relaxing morning. Georgia looked incredible too!!
Over at Healey Barn, guests were ready and waiting for Georgia to arrive.
Tom, despite appearances, was an emotional guy and couldn't quite keep himself together without shedding a few tears. It was lovely.
Post ceremony, we made our way through a confetti tunnel and some group photographs before leaving guests to relax and enjoy themselves.
Before the wedding breakfast, we headed out into the woods with Luna, the start of the show.
The breakfast room looked amazing. They'd really done a good job with the decor.
As you can imagine, the speeches were an emotionan affair.
With the formalities done, we headed outside once again for some early evening couple portraits.
Back in the courtyard, guests were enjoying some drinks and garden games.
There was only one more formality left and that was for Tom and Georgia to take to the dancefloor for their first dance as husband and wife.