The details

The happy couple:

Beth and Alex

The date:

6th April 2019

The location:

Middleton Lodge, Richmond



In slightly unique circumstances, our relationship with Alex and Beth was forged over ice cream. Yes, after they came to the studio, we met a week later for ice cream to sign off the deal. From there on, we knew it was meant to be.

They chose Middleton Lodge for their reception venue after their ceremony at a nearby church. The snow had thawed but there was still a chill in the air, hence the warm coats on a lovely April Saturday.

Beth was getting ready at home in Seaham, so we began the day with the girls who were well into the swing of things when we arrived.


Where the wedding name came from:

The name was chosen after they decided not to go with a traditional wedding car and instead opt with their pride and joy.. their little red van that they had spent so much time converting into their home away from home… on wheels.

The girls were all busy with hair and makeup when we arrived, but it was a lovely and relaxing atmosphere.
Beth was over the moon with her makeup and had a touching moment with her bridesmaid in the midst of everything.
Beth looked incredible in her dress and needed a little assistance from her bridesmaids to make sure everything went on properly.
At the church, Alex spent some time chatting to his grandad while the emotions caught up with Beth who shed a couple of tears before heading in to get married.
It was a lovely service in a lovely church.
After the ceremony, it was straight off to collect the doggies before heading down to Middleton Lodge.
Beth and Alex didn't want any couple portraits together, but we managed to convince them that a couple with their beloved dogs was a must.
Inside everything was nice and relaxed and after one big group photograph, everyone headed inside for the speeches.
Plenty of laughs were on offer and it certainly came across in the photographs.
Outside, it was time for the bouquet toss, where a few guests got a little too excited with the occasion.
Their cake couldn't have been any more personal to them and thrown in an axe instead of a knife and you have something that's definitely unique.
After all the formalities were done, it was time for everyone to relax, wind down and party the night away.