The One with the Lava Song

The details

The happy couple:

Richard and Christine

The date:

26th November 2016

The location:

Alnwick Gardens, Northumberland



Christine and Richard were our kind of couple. They were recommended by one of our other couples who had already booked with us. Christine phoned up and just booked over the phone. Nice and easy.

We met up with them a little later down the line and got on like a house on fire. They had such a great day planned with a game instead of speeches so we were excited for this one.

It was a crisp November day up in Alnwick…

We began the day at the Hogg's Head with Christine and the girls getting ready.
Everyone was ready at Alnwick Gardens for Christine's arrival, but nothing could have prepared her for an emotional Richard waiting for her.
They chose to have their entrance song as the Lava song. It was beautiful.
After the ceremony we headed out around the gardens for 15 minutes to capture some photographs of Richard and Christine together. It was nice to give them a bit of a breather from everything.
Instead of speeches, they decided to play a game. With most of their guests fans of the races, they decided to do a horse racing quiz, with questions about them and their relationship.
They booked the award winning Hip Operation to play live music for their evening guests and they didn't disappoint.
The guests made the most of the live music by having a good old dance as they partied the night away.