Worried about your wedding speeches?

Does the thought of wedding speeches make your palms a bit sweaty? 


Are you a groom, bride or a best man/woman nervous about having to give a speech?

Speeches come in many forms, from long verbal essays filled with in jokes only a few people will understand to ones so short we only get a few clicks of them.

If the idea of traditional speeches aren’t for you then you could do some of the following…



1. Do a quiz!

Get your guests involved and find out who really knows the couple best and deserves the free meal!  They’re a fun way to get everyone involved in the day and for groups of people who may not know each other to interact and bond over something they have in common, the two of you!



2. Play a game.

Another option to a quiz would be to play a different game. A game of bingo is always a winner but we’ve also had original games created by our couples over the years. They’re a lot of fun, less formal and your guests will love the relaxed nature of a bit of fun before or after their food.


3.  Sing a song.

Only if you’re musically inclined of course!  It may sound cringey to a few of you but hear us out!  A song can be meaningful while also not going on for very long. You can get your point across quickly and with an impact.  Whether you write your own lyrics or sing a song everyone knows, a song always goes down well with your guests. We’ve had guitar solo’s, rhythmic raps and bridesmaid ensembles.



4.  Do it together.

If the thought of standing up in front of everyone alone fills you with dread, do a joint speech!  Standing up with the person you’ll be spending the rest of your life with does wonders for nerves!  After all, you’re a team now.



5.  Change up the location. 

Speeches don’t have to be done while standing at the top table. Why not switch things up a little?  You can have them during the drinks reception in a more relaxed setting instead of during the formalities of the wedding breakfast.  A relaxed environment will also help take the pressure off the speaker and relax some nerves.



6.  Pass the buck.

It doesn’t always have to be the groom doing a speech. Sometimes the brides want to say a word or two, so if your partner feels like saying a little something to your guests, this is your chance.


7.  Give them a miss.

If the idea of doing a speech still really doesn’t appeal to you, you don’t have to do them at all.  There’s nothing to say that you have to do them just because they’re tradition.  Remember, it’s your wedding day and you can choose to spend it however you want.  If standing in front of a room of people has you nervous, just give them a miss and tuck into your food quicker.