How to Pick your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can be a whirlwind of excitement, decisions, and, let’s face it, a touch of stress. One decision that is absolutely crucial is choosing the right wedding photographer. After all, these photographs will be the lasting memories of your big day, so you want them to be nothing short of spectacular. Here are a few friendly tips on how to choose the perfect photographer for your special day.




1. Love at First Click:

First and foremost, you have to absolutely adore the photographer’s work. These photographs are the tangible memories that will outlast the flowers, the cake and everything else of the day.  Take your time scrolling through their portfolio, and make sure their style resonates with you. Remember, this is your wedding album, and you want every image to bring back those magical moments.





2. The Compatibility Factor:

You might be thinking, “Why does it matter if we get on with our photographer? They’re just there to take pictures, right?” Wrong! Your photographer is practically your shadow on the day. From the intimate moments of getting ready to the wild dance moves at the reception, they’ll be there capturing it all. So, it’s essential to get on like a house on fire. You don’t want a stranger behind the lens; you want a friend who happens to be really good at taking photos.






3. Know What You’re Getting:

Don’t be caught in the trap of assuming all wedding photography packages are created equal. Ask questions. How many photos will you get? Is an album included, or is that an additional cost? Knowing exactly what you’re getting ensures there are no surprises down the aisle. You wouldn’t want to discover later that your dream photographer only provided digital files when you were hoping for a beautifully crafted album to show off to friends and family.




4. Style Matters:

Just like choosing the perfect dress or venue, your photographer’s style should complement your vision for the day. If you’re dreaming of candid, documentary-style shots, hiring a photographer known for their epic group shots might leave you feeling a tad disappointed. Explore their previous work to ensure their style aligns with your expectations. After all, you want your wedding photos to reflect the uniqueness of your day.




5. Look Beyond The Instagram Glam:

While Instagram can be a great starting point, don’t limit your research to those square snippets of perfection. Dive into their website, where you might find a more comprehensive collection of their work. Look beyond the ‘Hero Shots’ and explore their ability to adapt to various conditions and lighting situations. Your wedding day won’t be all golden hour and sunshine, so make sure your photographer can handle any curveball Mother Nature throws your way.





In the end, finding the right wedding photographer is a bit like finding your soulmate. It takes time, a bit of digging, and a whole lot of connection. So, grab a cuppa or something stronger, sit back and enjoy the journey of discovering the person who will immortalize your special day through the lens of their camera.

Happy hunting!