Let’s Talk Chill City Elopements: Your Ultimate Urban Adventure

Hey lovebirds!

Are you itching for a wedding day that’s all about chill vibes, urban exploration, and of course, your endless love? Well, we’ve got just the ticket – our brand-spankin’-new Quickie in the City Package!



Keeping It Laid-Back

Imagine this: you and your boo saying your vows in a low-key registry office ceremony, followed by a leisurely stroll through the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne. No fuss, no stress, just you two soaking in the city’s vibes and each other’s love.




Capturing the Magic

As you wander hand in hand through the city’s coolest spots, we’re there to capture every sweet moment. Whether it’s stealing kisses in hidden alleyways or laughing over lattes at a cozy café, our goal is simple: to freeze-frame the magic of your urban adventure.



Tasting the City’s Delights

Why not indulge in some local delights as you explore? Whether you’re craving a juicy burger from that hole-in-the-wall joint or fancy a pint at that quirky pub you’ve been eyeing, we’ll be there to document every delicious bite.



What’s Included

Our Chill City Elopement Package hooks you up with:

  • 3 hours of coverage, starting just before you say “I do”
  • A friendly photographer to capture your ceremony and any group shots you fancy if you’re having a few guests.
  • Candid couple photos that perfectly capture your love story against the backdrop of the city
  • Your very own online gallery, packed with high-res images ready to download and share
  • Oh, and did we mention a free chat session? Whether you wanna hop on a call or swing by our studio, we’re here to chat wedding plans and get to know you better.



Limited Spots, Unlimited Love

This package is exclusive to weddings in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and spots are filling up fast! So, if you’re ready to swap the stress for an unforgettable urban adventure, hit us up pronto!


We’re all about capturing the real, raw moments that make your love story shine. Whether you’re planning a big blowout or an intimate elopement, we’re here to help you celebrate your love in style. Ready to embark on the ultimate urban adventure? Let’s make some magic together – reach out today!