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May 7, 2021
Hey friend!

We just had to share this amazing wedding we just realised we never shared before. It was such a unique and beautiful celebration, you’ll love hearing about it!

So, Jayne and Akeem had their wedding on May 7, 2021, a date chosen with pure whimsy. You know how everything was so uncertain with the lockdowns and restrictions so their original plans evolved along the way. They ended up at the Shipyard Room at the Hotel Du Vin in Ouseburn. And let us tell you, that place had this moody industrial charm that just set the perfect backdrop for their ceremony.

But here’s the really cool part, for their reception, Jayne and Akeem took it to the next level and actually transformed their own dining room into the venue! How amazing is that? The place where they got engaged held so much sentimental value for them, so they decided to have their reception right in their own home. We love how they made it so intimate and personal.

Now, the overall theme they went for was what they called ‘moody bohemian’. It was all about embracing dark and bold colors like burnt orange, burgundy, terracotta, and gold. And let me tell you, these rich hues were everywhere, from the flowers to the table décor. It made everything feel so unique and stylish.

One really heartwarming moment of the day was when Jayne had a video call with her mother. Even though they had opted for an elopement, she couldn’t help but share that special moment with her mom. And you won’t believe it, their best friends showed up unexpectedly before they left for the venue!

Not only did we serve as witnesses for the marriage, but we also got free reign over the location for the post-ceremony photos. We close Weardale which has such diverse and stunning backdrops for the pictures. It was absolutely perfect, despite the on again off again rain!

But here’s the part that really stood out to us, the highlight of the day. During their couple portraits in Weardale, the rain stopped and the couple just embraced the fact that they were finally married. They started twirling and dancing in the middle of the road surrounded by nature. Akeem even did some karate kicks and spontaneous antics, it was a riot!

They had originally planned on going home after the photos and ordering their favourite take away but we convinced them to go into Newcastle to pick it up instead. This gave us the opportunity to take more photos in the city and we even managed to score some extra salt and pepper chips as a congratulatory gesture from the take away!

All in all, it was a wedding day that truly defied expectations. From the personal touches and spontaneous joy to the delightful surprises along the way, it was filled with so much love and happiness. And we feel so lucky to have been a part of it and to capture all those special moments for Jayne and Akeem. These are the kind of memories that they’ll cherish forever. Cool, huh?

Josephine Birkett

Bridal Hair by Cheryl

Hotel Du Vin

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