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September 13, 2021
Hey there! 

So, we wanted to share this super cool story with you about these two. Remember that elopement we did a while back? Well, they saw our photos and decided they wanted a taste of that too! Totally old school style, they kept their plans a secret from everyone, including their kids!

The day started off at the South Causey Inn, where they got ready together. We love how they wanted to share every moment of this adventure. Then, we all headed to the church where we witnessed their intimate ceremony. It was such a special moment, you know? We always feel incredibly honoured to be a part of these occasions.

Since Leigh and Darren trusted us with the location, we thought it would be great to take them to a stunning waterfall. And guess what? They were both up for it! They actually enjoy cold water swimming, so it was perfect. We love it when couples are up for something unique and different.

Let us just tell you, Leigh was an absolute trooper! Can you believe she walked up to the falls in her wedding dress? Talk about fearless. Oh, and the famous Ikea bag trick? It totally saved the day! We couldn’t stop laughing about it. These two were all about embracing the adventure and going with the flow.

Leigh and Darren were such a relaxed and cool couple to work with. We had an absolute blast capturing their candid moments, their laughter, and the love between them. Moments like these really remind us why we love this job – getting to be a part of these incredible journeys and freezing them in time.

Alright, we hope you enjoyed this little anecdote. we just had to share it because it was such a memorable experience. And hey, if you ever decide to elope or have any photography needs, you know who to call! 

Catch you later!

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