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October 14, 2023
Hey there!

We just had an amazing day photographing Charlotte and Josh’s wedding at Woodhill Hall, one of our absolute favourite venues.

But you know what really stole the show? Their impeccable sense of style! From the styling choices they made with the venue to their vintage car, everything was picture-perfect. And can we talk about their outfit changes for the evening? Absolutely stunning!

Now, let’s get to the best part. As soon as the band started playing, the dance floor was flooded with excitement and energy. It was like a burst of pure joy! We couldn’t help but capture all those candid moments of laughter and dance moves. Josh and Charlotte really knew how to let loose and have fun!

You know, it’s always a pleasure working with couples like them. They had just come off their pre-wedding shoot, so they were pros in front of the camera. Their relaxed and natural demeanour made our work so much easier. Having a pre wedding shoot definitely paid off! The photos turned out so cool and creative, capturing the true essence of their love and happiness.

We hope you enjoyed hearing about this beautiful wedding! There’s just something special about capturing those genuine moments of love and joy. It’s what makes being a photographer so rewarding.

Take care and catch up soon!

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Woodhill Hall

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Hip Hop Hooray

Coco Luminaire

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