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Fiona & Simon
January 14, 2023
Just taking a moment to think back on Simon and Fiona’s wedding day, and we’ve got this warm feeling of gratitude for being part of such a significant day in their lives. You know, as photographers, we’re pretty lucky to be invited into these really personal moments, and we’re always touched by the trust folks put in us.

Looking back on that day, what really sticks out is how everyone was just genuinely happy, from the time we started snapping Fiona getting ready with her bridesmaids, right up to the sweet farewell at the end of the night. There was this relaxed, real joy that made the whole day special.

Sure, photography has its technical side – lighting, composition, all that jazz. But what we love most about being photographers is capturing those honest, unfiltered emotions. To us, that’s where the magic of photography really lies.

As we’ve grown in our photography journey, we’ve realized that the photos that mean the most capture those real connections between people. That’s why being part of Simon and Fiona’s wedding day was such an honor. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and genuine connections, and we feel privileged to have frozen those moments for them to cherish.

If anyone out there is thinking about hiring a photographer for their wedding or any important moment, our advice is to pick someone you feel comfy with, someone who helps you relax in front of the camera. Because when you’re at ease, that’s when the real magic happens. And trust us, from both sides of the camera, the most memorable photos are the ones capturing real, natural moments.

So, Simon and Fiona, big thanks for letting us be part of your special day. It was truly an honor and a privilege, and we wish you both a lifetime of love, joy, and happiness together. Cheers!

Venue: Woodhill hall
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